A history of cancer, a love of baseball, and a success story for Dodger’s Devin Smeltzer

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Devin Smeltzer, the fan who met Chase Utley in 2005 during his battle with cancer has reunited with his idol cancer-free in 2018

Devin Smeltzer had been battling bladder and prostate cancer for a year when he met his baseball idol Chase Utley in 2005. Utley was the second baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies at the time.  The young boy met with his baseball idol and took a photograph and received a signature. Smeltzer shared;

“The picture of me and Chase has been in the living room for a long time – When I go back home, it’s always very humbling to see that picture because of where I am today.”

The 9-year-old suffered many years of chemotherapy and radiation. When the doctor gave the young boy the go-ahead to play in little league, he jumped on the opportunity – His determination paid off. It was in 2016 that the baseball player got drafted to the Dodgers’ minor league team.

The strong-willed and determined young boy has grown up to become a baseball badass. Smeltzer triumphed over the disease and returned to the same organisation. But this time, as a player – not a guest.

The cancer survivor got to meet his baseball hero 13 years later, and now as a member of the same major league organisation. The dodger prospect took to Instagram to say;

“Today I got to thank Chase Utley on behalf of St. Christopher’s Hospital, my family, and all of Philly. On and off the field he leads and gives back. Thanks to the Dodgers for making this happen on a higher platform to get my story and inspire.”