Drama Surrounds Diego Maradona Once Again


Maradona ‘enjoys being a parody of himself’

Diego Maradona is known for his outbursts and high energy, and the reality is he has always been like this. The BBS referred to Maradona as a ‘parody of himself’, but elaborated saying underneath it all he is a ‘warm, caring guy.’

MaradonaThe 57-year-old could be seen being helped from his seat at the St Petersburg Stadium, before collapsing into a chair inside the stadium. Maradona reportedly said that his ‘neck hurt a lot’. However, allegations maintain that Maradona could have been high during the match.

He was immediately attended to by Russian paramedics and Argentine newspaper Cronica and ESPN in Latin America reported that he was transported to a local hospital shortly afterwards. However, it seems Maradona was stabilised at the stadium and seen in the early hours of Wednesday morning on a private jet destined for Moscow.

Maradona posted a picture on social media showing medical staff with him at half-time of the 2-1 victory, but denied he had been taken to hospital.
“I want to tell everyone that I am fine,” his Instagram post read.
“I was checked by a doctor and he recommended me to go home before the second half, but I wanted to stay because we were risking it all. How could I leave?”


Earlier, he was in tears when the score was 1-1, which would have resulted in Argentina’s elimination.Then, after Marcos Rojo scored the team’s late winner, he was seen giving a two-fingered salute.

As television cameras swung his way, seconds after the ball hit the back of Nigeria’s net, Maradona thrust middle-finger gestures with both hands – which has inevitably resulted in a massive backlash on social media.




“There’s Diego Maradona celebrating,” said Lineker. “I think he might make the papers for a different kind of celebration, there’s a danger he’s becoming a laughing stock I’m afraid.

“[He’s] let himself down with that celebration. You understand how he’s euphoric, but this kind of reaction… Really, Diego?”


Maradona had earlier been filmed manically celebrating Marcos Rojo’s late winning goal and swearing at supporters and was branded a “laughing stock” by BBC presenter Gary Lineker.

It’s not the first time Maradona has been in the headlines for his antics. He was accused of making a racist gesture by ITV presenter Jacqui Oatley while watching the 1-1 draw between Argentina and Iceland last week.

“Maradona not so cool now. Some South Korea fans just shouted “Diego” and he obliged with a smile, kiss and wave. Then pulled his eyes to the side in a clearly racist gesture. All of us who saw it are stunned,” Oatley posted on Twitter.

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