It’s Official The Hayemaker Has Retired

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Following defeat, David Haye will no longer compete

After last month’s rematch with Tony Bellew, David Haye has announced he has retired. His loss was a sour note to end his career on but nonetheless Haye will no longer compete. The 37-year-old who began competing professionally in 2002 has ended his career with 32-fights and four defeats under his belt. In a statement on his official website, Haye said;

“Of course, my ego would have loved to have retired on a win, or as a champion. But, deep down, I know my effort on May 5, 2018 was the very best I had left to give. I also know that underwhelming effort revealed the truth about my current abilities in a world-class boxing arena.


Haye thought he was in “tip-top shape” going into the fight against Bellew but “looks can be deceiving” as he also admitted he would have fought more in the second half of his career but for injuries to stop him doing so.

“Often it was a fight just getting to the ring in one piece,” he said. “In the past five years I have snapped (fully ruptured) both biceps, my rotator cuff and my Achilles tendon.

“All four injuries were potentially career-ending and each of them required operations with months of intense rehabilitation.The biggest physical challenge I had to face, however, was a spinal surgery in March 2015.”

Now he believes ‘the boxing gods have spoken’ and marked an end to his career;

“They will no longer protect me with the freakish speed and power I used to possess,” Haye said “And without these God-given gifts, I completely lose my edge.”

Despite closing this chapter in his life he has emphasised that it is not the end of his story, but simply the beginning of something new.

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