Let’s talk about Ronaldo’s bicycle kick last night…

ChristianoRonaldo ChristianoRonaldo

An unexpected goal secured the game for Madrid

RonaldobicyclekickCristiano Ronaldo sealed the mightiest of Champions League records last night when he scored his tenth consecutive goal of the tournament. Ronaldo scored two goals last night, one just three minutes into the match and the other was a stunning overhead kick. It caused the stadium, including Juventus fans to break into applause, as he sealed a goal which even left coach Zinedine Zidane dumbstruck.

Ronaldo launched himself in the air and scored one of his most monumental goals ever out of his 119 Champions League recorded goals to date. The timing was perfect and the athleticism and magnitude of his skill showed fans that he is far past his prime in football years. He is proving to be in the best goalscoring form of his life.  

Zidane praised Ronaldo when he said; “He shows every time that he is a special player. He always wants to do great things in the Champions League and he never gets tired of doing it, that’s his great quality.“

At half-time Rio Ferdinand said: “He’s actually taking liberties, he’s playing against one of the most experienced back fours, and he’s still finding space. It’s striker’s movement.”

“The difference is, he goes into these big games expecting to score – not hoping to score.”

Even Juventus Manager Massimiliano Allegri managed to give some praise to the timely goal. He said:

“I don’t know if Cristiano’s goal is the best in the history of football, but it’s certainly an extraordinary goal – You can only congratulate him for what he’s doing at present.”

Ultimately, Allegri boiled it down to not having luck on their side and expressed the magnitude of Ronaldo’s talent. 

“When you play against sides like this, you need a little bit of luck and, more than anything else, to meet Ronaldo on a bad night,” he said.