Jurgen Klopp May End His Career Earlier Than Expected

Jurgen Klopp’s next career move


Manager Jurgen Klopp moved to Liverpool in 2015 on a three-year contract. Recently there has been speculation about the boss moving to Bayern Munich and leaving Liverpool behind. However, the Liverpool boss denies having any contact. Regardless of whether he did or not, he explained it would be a complicated move to buy out his contract. Jurgen Klopp has never had an exit clause in any of his contracts, including his current one with Liverpool. Therefore, it is not something that can happen without complications.

The manager has said that he intends to remain with the Reds for the rest of his contract. He has also made it clear that he has no intentions of returning to Borussia Dortmund in the future despite his fond memories. Klopp managed the club for 7 years before moving to Liverpool, and with his help, the team took home 2 league titles and a DFK Pokal Cup in 2012.  However, he expressed that if he does one day return it will not be to manage the team.

The 50-year-old manager has also revealed that he intends to take a year-long break from football once his time with Liverpool comes to an end. He shared; “I will definitely take a year off after Liverpool. That’s a clear agreement I have with my family.”

When Jurgen Klopp spoke about his future plans he also said; “I can’t rule out that I will call it a day way before other coaches usually stop – I feel that it’s super intense, and I am not planning to die on the bench.”

Liverpool remain unbeaten in their last six games in all competitions under his management. And now, the Reds are third in the Premier League table, two points ahead of fourth-placed Tottenham. Moreover, Jurgen Klopp is preparing his side to play Roma in the Champions League semi-final next week.


James LeBron Plays The Best Game Of His Career

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The Cavaliers bounced back because of James LeBron’s efforts


The Cavaliers got the win they needed because of James LeBron’s efforts against the Pacers. LeBron brought his A game on Wednesday. He scored 46 points, with 16 straight points before the Pacers even scored a field goal. The Cavaliers bounced back from their poor performance in the series opener, and it was LeBron who almost single-handedly powered the Cavaliers to victory. During the game, LeBron even set a franchise playoff record with 29 points in the first half.

From the start, it was obvious that LeBron would be the star of the game. He dominated the game at the beginning. LeBron’s teammate Lue said; “We ran the same first play until they stopped it – He kept getting what he wanted and he wanted to set the tone early, and he did that. We just kind of followed his lead from there.”

Cleveland exhausted every part of LeBron to win this game. While at times their defence seemed to pick up and their shots would fall, they couldn’t shake the Pacers.

The Pacers managed to climb back into the game time after time. It was so close in fact that it could have ended with a tie. Oladipo had a chance to tie the game at 97 with under a minute to go, on a wide-open three-pointer. But, the Cavaliers got lucky when he missed, since that is a shot he has hit all season, and LeBron brought it home for the Cavaliers.

Earlier on in the week his coach, Tyronn Lue said that LeBron would set the tone early, and on Wednesday he came through. LeBron remained humble after the game. He summed up his performance in four words; “I played my game.” It will be interesting to see how this unfolds for the coming two games in Indiana.

Paul Pogba To Leave United Following A Clash Of Egos

Manager Mourinho has had enough of Paul Pogba

Pogba and his modern football superego moved to United 2 years ago. It was a £89 million move for Manchester United, but recent events could mean the player’s time with the team is coming to an end. Pogba remains determined to stay at Manchester United, despite Jose Mourinho having other plans. Their relationship has long been on shaky grounds, mostly because of their egos. The two have been involved in locker room disputes and plenty of disagreements.


Most recently, Pogba was at the receiving end of Manager Mourinho’s frustration. It was halftime at the Manchester derby when Mourinho took out his anger on Pogba. The French midfielder was not compliant and muttered under his breath while the manager spoke. Resultantly, it made things worse for himself.

Mourinho is ready to sell the record signing midfielder, irrespective of the fact that he scored two goals for United in the second half of that game. To make matters more obscure, Mourinho had told Pogba that he would have been his ‘man of the match’ even without the two goals he secured. So it’s all just a bit baffling unless you take their egos into consideration.

Overall, the France midfielder needs a manager who can intuit how to extract the best from him, and Mourinho is not that person. Mourinho’s method of motivation is making the player feel as though they should run through walls. It was clear from the beginning that Pogba would not follow such authority. Evidently, it wasn’t tolerated as Pogba was subbed or omitted from the starting line up in 8 of the last 13 games.

As it stands, the nation is not at all sure which Pogba will turn up in Russia. Vincent Duluc has observed; “He will be the player who helps France to win the World Cup or the one who causes the team to lose the title.”

First Golf Masters Practice Round Shows Great Promise For Tiger Woods

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A strong comeback for Tiger Woods Following his back injury

Only two of the golfers have a faster clubhead speed than Tiger Woods on the PGA this year. And – he has already made his presence known during the 2018 Masters. Tiger Woods played a practice round with Fred Couples and Justin Thomas on Monday, and we were given a glimpse of Tiger Woods competing at this course since his tie for 17th in 2015.
Woods is healthy once again, after recovering from his back problems, and Fred Couples gave some raving reviews.

“He hit a few drives that were well worth watching, whether you paid for it or are in the tour”He’s doing well,” Couples said, adding –

“If you watched him play today, there’s not much of a back problem. He’s hitting it a long way, and it looks beautiful. Today wasn’t any different than it was 10 years ago when we played. It was pretty awesome.”

2018 Masters Woods


Since turning pro in 1996, Tiger Woods has 13 top 10s at this tournament and 18 appearances in total. Yet, this year he is no longer a betting favourite. Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, and Justin Thomas are now favoured with betting odds 10-1. Woods stands with 12-1 with Justin Rose and Rory Mcilroy. However, Tiger Woods remains a favourite golfer on the PGA Tour, with Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Justin Thomas, Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Paul Casey and Alex Noren – before him.

Overall, Woods is showing great promise. The American-hero-turned-tragic-figure might be making his comeback after all. He might not win but it is great to see the ageing icon back on the green.

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Sergio Garcia Gets Worst Ever Score At Augusta

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Five balls in the water and a record high 13 at Golf Masters

Defending champion Sergio Garcia put five shots into the water for a 13 on the 15th as Jordan Spieth built a two-shot lead after day 1 at the masters. The Spaniard had a horrendous meltdown as he equalled the worst-ever score on a hole at Augusta.

The last time we saw Sergio Garcia on the 15th hole here, he had made an eagle tie to Justin Rose, where he proceeded to claim the 2017 Masters title.

Things were not looking so promising this year, as he was two over when he teed off on the par-five 15th. His second shot made its way over the water, landing near the hole – only to spin back and trickle down the steep slope. His 13  is the highest score ever on the 15th hole by two strokes. Moreover, it ties the highest score on any hole in Masters history. The 13 moved Garcia to 10 over on the day and 86th on the leaderboard.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” said Garcia. “It’s the first time in my career where I make a 13 without missing a shot. Simple as that.

“I felt like I hit a lot of good shots and unfortunately the ball just didn’t want to stop. I don’t know, it’s just one of those things. So it’s just unfortunate, but that’s what it is.”

To the delight of the sympathetic crowd, Garcia birdied the next hole but the world number nine cut a dazed figure as he completed his round.

Garcia said: “It’s one of those awful things that happen sometimes. It’s the first time in my career I’ve made a 13 in competition. I felt like I hit a lot of good shots — but unfortunately, the ball just didn’t want to stop!”

Garcia finished with a nine-over par, a staggering 15 shots behind first.

Liverpool are a foot closer to the Champions League semi-finals

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Liverpool show defensive improvement against Manchester City

Liverpool is a foot closer to claiming the Champions League title. Their stunning 3-0 win over Manchester City means Liverpool have increased their chances of being in the semi-finals.

The atmosphere was electric in Anfield stadium last night. Manchester City was on top in the early exchanges, but Liverpool took charge 12 minutes in.

Mo Salah secured the first goal following a move started by Sadio Mane assisted by Roberto Firmino. They doubled their lead within just 21 minutes, and Liverpool swept Manchester City aside within 31 minutes into the first-half.

Goalscorer Oxlade-Chamberlain spoke about the atmosphere: “It was a great start. We knew we had to start fast. I think we won the game in the first half and then we had to defend well in the second half.”

Liverpool is now the most popular bet to win the Champions League. The odds have moved from 12/1 into 5/1 with some bookmakers. The Anfield side now sitting just behind the likes of Real Madrid (14/5), Barcelona (14/5) and Bayern Munich (10/3) as standout favourites.

George Elek, a spokesman for oddschecker gave some insight. He said;

“Liverpool are by far the most popular bet within the Champions League market, which is impressive considering Real Madrid’s achievements against Juventus.

There’s a good feeling on Merseyside, and Liverpool are certainly commanding a tremendous amount of attention from the British public.”


A history of cancer, a love of baseball, and a success story for Dodger’s Devin Smeltzer

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Devin Smeltzer, the fan who met Chase Utley in 2005 during his battle with cancer has reunited with his idol cancer-free in 2018

Devin Smeltzer had been battling bladder and prostate cancer for a year when he met his baseball idol Chase Utley in 2005. Utley was the second baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies at the time.  The young boy met with his baseball idol and took a photograph and received a signature. Smeltzer shared;

“The picture of me and Chase has been in the living room for a long time – When I go back home, it’s always very humbling to see that picture because of where I am today.”

The 9-year-old suffered many years of chemotherapy and radiation. When the doctor gave the young boy the go-ahead to play in little league, he jumped on the opportunity – His determination paid off. It was in 2016 that the baseball player got drafted to the Dodgers’ minor league team.

The strong-willed and determined young boy has grown up to become a baseball badass. Smeltzer triumphed over the disease and returned to the same organisation. But this time, as a player – not a guest.

The cancer survivor got to meet his baseball hero 13 years later, and now as a member of the same major league organisation. The dodger prospect took to Instagram to say;

“Today I got to thank Chase Utley on behalf of St. Christopher’s Hospital, my family, and all of Philly. On and off the field he leads and gives back. Thanks to the Dodgers for making this happen on a higher platform to get my story and inspire.”

Let’s talk about Ronaldo’s bicycle kick last night…

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ChristianoRonaldo ChristianoRonaldo

An unexpected goal secured the game for Madrid

RonaldobicyclekickCristiano Ronaldo sealed the mightiest of Champions League records last night when he scored his tenth consecutive goal of the tournament. Ronaldo scored two goals last night, one just three minutes into the match and the other was a stunning overhead kick. It caused the stadium, including Juventus fans to break into applause, as he sealed a goal which even left coach Zinedine Zidane dumbstruck.

Ronaldo launched himself in the air and scored one of his most monumental goals ever out of his 119 Champions League recorded goals to date. The timing was perfect and the athleticism and magnitude of his skill showed fans that he is far past his prime in football years. He is proving to be in the best goalscoring form of his life.  

Zidane praised Ronaldo when he said; “He shows every time that he is a special player. He always wants to do great things in the Champions League and he never gets tired of doing it, that’s his great quality.“

At half-time Rio Ferdinand said: “He’s actually taking liberties, he’s playing against one of the most experienced back fours, and he’s still finding space. It’s striker’s movement.”

“The difference is, he goes into these big games expecting to score – not hoping to score.”

Even Juventus Manager Massimiliano Allegri managed to give some praise to the timely goal. He said:

“I don’t know if Cristiano’s goal is the best in the history of football, but it’s certainly an extraordinary goal – You can only congratulate him for what he’s doing at present.”

Ultimately, Allegri boiled it down to not having luck on their side and expressed the magnitude of Ronaldo’s talent. 

“When you play against sides like this, you need a little bit of luck and, more than anything else, to meet Ronaldo on a bad night,” he said.

Joshua Vs Parker Will Happen Again

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Hopes Remain High For Joseph Parker

Trainer Kevin Barry is sure that Joseph Parker will step in the ring with Anthony Joshua again. In the wake of Parker’s loss, Barry promised that this is just the beginning and not the end for the young boxer. Despite the defeat, the New Zealander left a good impression inside and outside of the ring.

While Parker threw a lot more punches than Joshua, he landed a lot less. The first round alone was filled with dismal attempts, landing just 5 out of his 50 attempts. He was unable to reach a 30 percent success in any of the rounds, whereas Joshua was almost always above that.

Discussing his performance, Joshua said; “My strategy on there was stick behind the jab. It’s one of the most important weapons … The old saying is the right hand will take you around the block, but the jab will take you around the world.”

Parker’s trainer knew the fighter should have thrown more punches, as Barry elaborated; “He knows that he should have thrown more punches, his fitness was fine at the end of the fight, he wasn’t breathing hard.” Yet he remains optimistic following the defeat. Barry believes that he will fight Anthony Joshua again. He said;

“He’s 26 years old and the best fights are still in front of us – Joe was very gracious in defeat he knows that we lost to a better man in the night, and a bigger better man.”

Joshua’s win has earned the fighter a new belt in his ever-growing trophy collection, now including; WBA, IBF, IBO, and WBO belts. The British champion has announced that he too would like to be in the ring with Barry and wants “wilder or fury” next. He said;

“Wherever, whenever – Wilder, let’s go, baby! Let’s go!”

Tunisia Boss believes England has a good chance at winning the World Cup

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Could England take home the 2018 title?

I know what you’re thinking… England has only won the world cup once, way back in 1966. So, why is the Tunisian manager Nabil Maaloul saying that England could take the title again this year?

Nabil Maaloul believes Gareth Southgate’s England team have evolved. He maintains that England has incorporated all the strengths and influences they have gained from previous management into their approach and mentality today, especially because of teachings from Guardiola Conte, Mourinho and Wenger. He said; “Their style of play is no longer about hitting the ball long and running after it.”

Maaloul praised Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane, and Dele Alli as the most effective, and shared his belief that they could win because of their influence.

Maaloul told the Guardian; “ The English have understood recently that they had to change their ideas about the game and follow the evolution of world football.”

“Things have progressed enormously. And on top of the new style, they have some very strong individuals. Players such as Sterling, Kane, Alli and Lingard can change a game at any moment. They are among the favourites for this tournament.”

England won their first friendly against the Netherlands, as Lingard scored the winning goal giving them a 1-0 victory. They have progressed through the qualifying campaign, however, it is hard to maintain the same confidence as the Tunisian boss, Nabil Maaloul is putting across.