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Sports Betting Tip #1:

The Importance of Reputable Sportsbooks

Though some countries have regulations and guidelines in place for online sportsbooks – many more do not. This has led to a plethora of sportsbooks and casinos popping all over the Internet. Bettors need to know which betting sites are operating without regualations since those brands will normally vanish from the web as fast as they launch.

We are here to help you research the various brands to insure you are wagering with reputable online betting websites.

Top Rated Online Sportsbooks

Lucky for you, millions of sports bettors are already online and comfortably placing bets with a number of top rated online sportsbooks. These brands have more than paid their dues over the years. They have earned a reputation for outstanding service, a solid banking track record, website reliability and for offering a top-notch online sports betting experience. In the list below, we confidently recommend the following online sports betting websites to our readers.

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Sports Betting Scams

A couple of signs of a reputable sportsbook are how long they have been online and whether they have a good business record. The first thing to look for is how long the sportsbook has been in operation. Scam sportsbooks will only allow you to deposit money because after you make a deposit they try every tactic to make sure you never withdraw any winnings.

Many of the tactics that scam sportsbooks use are the same ones that reputable sportsbooks use making it difficult to differentiate between the two. Only the most stable sportsbook are able to properly operate while offering special bonuses. In the long run, the most seasoned sportsbook will be the most reputable and they always back up their bonus offers, contests and promotions.

Be wary of new sportsbooks offering deposit bonuses of 25% or more. This is a flawed business model that is typical of an underfunded sportsbook. They offer incredible bonuses to increase their player volume, but because these sportsbooks use much of their capital to provide the deposit bonuses, they don’t have the required money for their customers’ payout requests.

More signs of shady sportsbooks are low juice offerings and soft point spreads. This is a sign that the operation has a low volume of customers and action. They will use this tactic to entice players to sign up but don’t have the income to pay out to their customers when requested.

As our reviews clearly indicate, there are many reputable online Sportsbook, Casino, Poker and Racebook betting websites out there. Do a little homework, prior to opening an account and making the first deposit, as it will save you a ton of anguish and wasted money in the long run.

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